Hot Girl ‘Accidentally’ Gets Naked In Fantastic Prank

Wouldn't mind being a prank victim.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

There are a lot of awful, mean-spirited pranks all over YouTube, and then there are fantastic pranks that involve hot women getting naked because that’s sometimes all you need. The prank below involved just that, as men were brought in with the hopes of picking up free toner. But what’s even more arousing than free toner? You got it: a sexy naked lady. Although things get a bit intense for all the prank victims when the woman’s pissed-off husband walks in.

Take a look at the fantastic prank below brought to you by the folks at Break:

Let us save you a Google search and tell you that the gal in the video is Charlie Taylor. And of course we’re going to show you more of her thanks to her Instagram:

h/t Playboy

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